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Is 2012 going to be another breakout year for NAND Flash and Low-Power Design?

It’s just one week into the year, I am increasingly getting the feeling that 2012 is going to be a momentous, tumultuous year for semiconductor technology and low-power system design. Among the many recent events that are giving me this … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga: Low-Power Designer for Polaroid introduces camera sunglasses, camera, and printer at CES

If you’ve not heard about Lady Gaga, you need to get a life. She’s the latest in a line of pop culture singers who explicitly use sex to sell their tunes. Gaga’s outrageous costumes sets her apart from her predecessors … Continue reading

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Dual-use Barbie: Is she really a tool of the devil?

Today’s news is crammed with Barbie. The ever-changing children’s doll that’s been a fashion model, an astronaut, a business person, and a (gulp) IT professional is now equipped with a built-in camcorder in her incarnation as Barbie Video Girl. In … Continue reading

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