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My Journey to Tesla, Part 1

Once, there were at least two automobile manufacturing plants in Silicon Valley. One belonged to Ford and it’s now a shopping mall called The Great Mall in Milpitas. The other was built by GM in the late 1950s in Fremont, … Continue reading

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Building communities: The Hacker Dojo Experience

I attended a lecture on building communities by Katy Levinson on January 15 at a meeting of the Consultants Network of Silicon Valley the Agilent Headquarters in Santa Clara, California. Levinson is associated with the Hacker Dojo just up the … Continue reading

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Jan Rabaey’s remarkable short course in Low-Power Design Essentials, Part 1

At the end of January, UC Berkeley EECS Professor Jan Rabaey gave a comprehensive one-evening course in low-power design essentials to about 100 people attending a meeting of the Santa Clara Valley chapter of the IEEE Solid State Circuits Society. … Continue reading

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“Power is the new timing”: A review of Paul McLellan’s new book—EDA Graffiti

I’ve taken the title for this blog entry from the name of a section in Paul McLellan’s new self-published book: EDA Graffiti. This phrase directly refers to one of the profound changes taking place in semiconductor design. In this section … Continue reading

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NOCs: The Undead of the SOC World

The 7th International SOC Conference in Newport Beach featured a session on NOCs (networks on chip). Perhaps it’s the undue influence of the recent Halloween festivities, but NOCs remind me of vampires, of the undead. They just keep coming back … Continue reading

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A Low-Power, ARM-based Microcontroller from Oslo with a Winning Presentation

Last month at the ARM Techcon 3 conference, I watched as the CEO of a Norwegian fabless semiconductor company named Energy Micro leapt on stage, imitated Tom Cruse in his Mission Impossible role, opened his black-and-silver attache case, and announced … Continue reading

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Give OTP a chance for low-power, on-chip storage

The on-chip memories that get most of the attention are read/write memories such as SRAM, DRAM, Flash, and MRAM (which I just covered in my previous blog entry). However, there’s a place for OTP (one-time programmable) memory on chip, so … Continue reading

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FPGAs as ASSP/Microcontroller Helpers – When ASICs and SOCs Won’t Do

Without doubt, an ASIC or SOC is the way to create systems with the lowest power dissipation. However, many other factors can mitigate the advantages of custom system silicon. Those factors include a critical and looming market window, a lack … Continue reading

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Free Pass to DAC Exhibits, All Week Long

Are you an EDA user with a hankering to attend DAC in a couple of weeks but don’t have the dough-re-mi and your company won’t spring for such a “frill” this year? Recently laid off as an EDA user? Denali, … Continue reading

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