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Mars Science Laboratory rover runs on plutonium—uses somewhat less than 1.21 gigaWatts

Although both employ plutonium power sources, Doc Brown’s time-traveling DeLorean needed 1.21 gigaWatts to zip between time periods while the freshly landed Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) rover gets by with 125W to power its dual-redundant 133MHz BAE RAD 750 CPUs, … Continue reading

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Give OTP a chance for low-power, on-chip storage

The on-chip memories that get most of the attention are read/write memories such as SRAM, DRAM, Flash, and MRAM (which I just covered in my previous blog entry). However, there’s a place for OTP (one-time programmable) memory on chip, so … Continue reading

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The Hubble Gets a Low-Power ASIC

As I watched Space Shuttle Atlantis pull away from a refurbished Hubble Space Telescope after a spectacular series of EVAs, I realized that it’s now time to look away from the spectacular in-orbit repair efforts of the astronaut/mission specialists and … Continue reading

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