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Replace an old IDE HDD with an SSD emulator to cut noise and power? The Korg D8 experiment.

I’ve got an old Korg D8 digital multitrack audio wokstation. It was state of the art for recording sound back in the mid 1990s. The whole concept of digital audio workstations was new back then. The products were just starting … Continue reading

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What is analog’s role in low-power design? Interview with TI’s VP of Analog Technology Development, Dr. Venu Menon

Last month, Dr. Venu Menon, VP of Analog Technology Development at Texas Instruments, gave a keynote speech at the ISQED conference in Silicon Valley titled “Applications Drive Analog Technology Development and Innovation.” During his keynote, Dr. Menon noted that analog … Continue reading

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Is 2012 going to be another breakout year for NAND Flash and Low-Power Design?

It’s just one week into the year, I am increasingly getting the feeling that 2012 is going to be a momentous, tumultuous year for semiconductor technology and low-power system design. Among the many recent events that are giving me this … Continue reading

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What if 2.5D got really cheap? How would that affect low-power design?

Last week, silicon-interposer foundry Deca Technologies unstealthed. I found out from an article in the San Jose Mercury News and just published a blog about the announcement in my other blog, the EDA360 Insider. Deca is a subsidiary of Cypress … Continue reading

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Dual-use Barbie: Is she really a tool of the devil?

Today’s news is crammed with Barbie. The ever-changing children’s doll that’s been a fashion model, an astronaut, a business person, and a (gulp) IT professional is now equipped with a built-in camcorder in her incarnation as Barbie Video Girl. In … Continue reading

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Intel releases low-power, 40Gbyte SSD for $125

Now it’s a trend. Last week, I wrote about the sub-$100, 2.5-inch, 32Gbyte SSD from OCZ. Now Intel makes low-cost SSDs a trend with the introduction of a $125 (when ordering 1000), 2.5-inch, 40Gbyte, “value” edition of its industry-leading X25 … Continue reading

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OCZ’s 32Gbyte Onyx SSD breaks $100 barrier, cuts power

It was only a matter of time. Nobody doubts that solid-state disks (SSDs) will decline in price over time. The only questions are “How fast will prices fall?” and “How much storage will I get for my money”? PC component … Continue reading

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Designing Low-Power Systems with FPGAs

Actel has published a White Paper discussing low-power aspects of using FPGAs. It should not surprise you that the White Paper’s points and conclusions favor Actel’s Flash-based FPGAs over SRAM-based FPGAs from other vendors but that bias should not stop … Continue reading

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Free White Paper on NAND Flash from Denali

NAND Flash manufacturing cost reductions of 60% per year sustained over nearly a decade have driven many technology changes, developments, compromises, and innovations. Prices have fallen even faster over the past five years, but the precipitous price decline could easily … Continue reading

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Give OTP a chance for low-power, on-chip storage

The on-chip memories that get most of the attention are read/write memories such as SRAM, DRAM, Flash, and MRAM (which I just covered in my previous blog entry). However, there’s a place for OTP (one-time programmable) memory on chip, so … Continue reading

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