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Hands-on Review: $12.95 Freescale Freedom Platform for Freescale Kinetis L microcontroller based on ARM Cortex-M0+ processor

I received a new low-cost microcontroller development board only a few days after writing up the Ti Stellaris LaunchPad Eval board last month. (See “Hands On Review: Texas Instruments’ Stellaris ARM Cortex-M4F LaunchPad Eval Board—$4.99!!! (sort of)”) The new board, … Continue reading

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Want a peek over the shoulders during a real low-power microcontroller debate? Must-read info for all designers of low-power, microcontroller-based systems!

Recently, I published a blog post on my EDA360 Insider blog about the ARM Cortex-M0 processor core and its expected influence on mixed-signal, low-power IC design. (See “What effect does the ARM Cortex-M0 core have on mixed-signal microcontroller design?”) As … Continue reading

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How low can you go? ARM does the limbo with Cortex-M0+ processor core. Tiny. Ultra-low-power.

Jack be limbo, Jack be quick Jack go unda limbo stick All around the limbo clock Hey, let’s do the limbo rock Limbo lower now Limbo lower now (From “Limbo Rock” by Chubby Checker) How low can you go? ARM … Continue reading

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2011: A great year for low-power design, wasn’t it?

2011 was a great year for low-power design. I don’t think I can remember a year as good to low-power designers. I thought I’d devote this blog to a review of some major developments in 2011 that made low-power designers’ … Continue reading

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“Watt’s Next?” asks Chris Malachowsky, co-founder, NVIDIA Fellow, and Senior VP or Research

Everything—literally everything—we design today is defined by its power consumption said Chris Malachowsky, an NVIDIA co-founder, fellow, and senior VP of research. Malachowsky spoke yesterday at a luncheon during the ICCAD conference held this week in San Jose, California. At … Continue reading

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Altera introduces SoC FPGA melding ARM Cortex-A9 dual-core processor complex with a 28nm FPGA fabric

Xilinx first started to talk publicly about the fusion of processors and FPGAs—a product now known as Zynq—in 2010 and has announced plans to roll out parts by the end of this year. It was inevitable that Altera would eventually … Continue reading

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Think Globally, Act in Parallel. What can you do with one million ARM cores acting in parallel and how do you get there?

Professor Steve Furber’s SpiNNaker project is in the news again. I wrote about Furber’s massively parallel brain-emulation project back on March 30 after listening to his keynote at this year’s DATE (Design Automation and Test Europe) conference in Grenoble, France. … Continue reading

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