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My Journey to Tesla, Postscript

My previous two blog posts chronicled a trip to the Tesla factory to pick up my friend Joshua’s Tesla Model S electric sedan. One week after picking up Joshua’s Tesla Model S, my wife Pat and I had our usual … Continue reading

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My Journey to Tesla, Part 2

This is the second half of my experience in picking up a new Tesla Model S all-electric sedan at the Tesla manufacturing plant in Fremont, California. On a sunny Saturday morning in March, my friend Joshua and his girlfriend Mandy … Continue reading

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My Journey to Tesla, Part 1

Once, there were at least two automobile manufacturing plants in Silicon Valley. One belonged to Ford and it’s now a shopping mall called The Great Mall in Milpitas. The other was built by GM in the late 1950s in Fremont, … Continue reading

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Low-energy microprocessor operates 40nm transistors in near-threshold mode to run on 0.4V@1MHz

Late last month at ISSCC, Belgian research center imec and its affiliated Holst Centre in The Netherlands discussed a microprocessor that can run at 1MHz on a 0.4V power supply with the processor’s CMOS transistors operating in near-threshold mode. The … Continue reading

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Can a miniature xenon flashtube find its way into smartphones because of a new miniature capacitor?

Associate Professor Lee Pooi See at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University has developed a high-voltage, miniature, multilayer polymer capacitor with the hope of producing a power source small enough to operate a xenon flashtube in a mobile phone. The work is … Continue reading

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Boeing isn’t the only one with Li-ion battery problems. Me too, with my Panasonic shaver!

As I write this, the entire worldwide fleet of fifty Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft is grounded thanks to a problem with a Li-ion battery pack in the planes. The planes are grounded because of two incidents where smoke and fire … Continue reading

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Out, out damn halogen. My LED replacement story.

About ten years ago, my wife bought a fancy china cabinet with a pair of halogen display lights recessed into the top of the cabinet. The halogen down lights highlight two compartments with glass shelves containing pieces that have special … Continue reading

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Building communities: The Hacker Dojo Experience

I attended a lecture on building communities by Katy Levinson on January 15 at a meeting of the Consultants Network of Silicon Valley the Agilent Headquarters in Santa Clara, California. Levinson is associated with the Hacker Dojo just up the … Continue reading

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Timepieces behaving badly: A Tale of Two Clocks (and two bad capacitors) and a Tale of Redemption for the New Year

Let’s start the New Year with a tale of redemption. We have two bedrooms in our condo and in each bedroom you will find what eBay might call a “vintage” LED clock. One is a Timex T133T electronic desk clock … Continue reading

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PowerPot: Cook dinner and power your USB device in the wild

The latest issue of my wife’s university alumnus magazine, Utah Engineering from the College of Engineering at the University of Utah (yes, I married an engineer), has a back-page article on two students who developed a way to charge and … Continue reading

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