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The DDR4 SDRAM spec and SoC design. What do we know now?

DDR4 SDRAM is coming. JEDEC may not have released the final spec yet but Samsung made the first DDR4 memory chip announcement in January of this year—a 2133MHz device built with a 30nm process technology—and Hynix followed suit in April … Continue reading

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Sometimes, all you need is tape: 3M Uniformity Tape solves problem of uneven LED edge lighting

We’ve all seem LCD displays with LED backlights that provide non-uniform illumination. That’s one reason why fluorescent backlights have held on for as long as they have. It’s not like anyone enjoys designing in the high-voltage power supply for the … Continue reading

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Future cars: The word from GM at IDC’s Smart Technology World conference

Last month, IDC ran a really interesting conference called Smart Technology World. One unusual presentation was about energy use for transportation, given by Byron Shaw, Managing Director of Advanced Technology at General Motors of Silicon Valley. That’s right, GM has … Continue reading

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Going against the low-power grain to resurrect and improve a 31-year-old HP calculator

Monte J. Dalrymple is a man with a mission: take one of HP’s most celebrated calculators, the HP 41C, and bring it into the 21st century. He’s done this by reverse engineering the 30-year-old CMOS “Nut” processor designed into the … Continue reading

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