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Intel releases low-power, 40Gbyte SSD for $125

Now it’s a trend. Last week, I wrote about the sub-$100, 2.5-inch, 32Gbyte SSD from OCZ. Now Intel makes low-cost SSDs a trend with the introduction of a $125 (when ordering 1000), 2.5-inch, 40Gbyte, “value” edition of its industry-leading X25 … Continue reading

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Redwood Systems unstealths Power over Ethernet lighting systems

Today’s San Jose Business Journal carries a story about Redwood Systems, a startup networking company in Fremont, California with a difference. Redwood is a smart-power networking company. Its Ethernet switches supply communications and power to end nodes and those nodes … Continue reading

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OCZ’s 32Gbyte Onyx SSD breaks $100 barrier, cuts power

It was only a matter of time. Nobody doubts that solid-state disks (SSDs) will decline in price over time. The only questions are “How fast will prices fall?” and “How much storage will I get for my money”? PC component … Continue reading

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It’s Raining Low-Power Microcontrollers

Wow. The Embedded World show in Nuremberg is really shaking the low-power microcontrollers out of the tree this year. Cases in point: announcements of new, low-power 8- and 32-bit microcontrollers from Microchip and Energy Micro (a Norwegian fabless microcontroller company) … Continue reading

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Power Over Ethernet: One Cable Defines an Entire Product Envelope

Last week, I moderated a Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) session at the Ethernet Technology Summit held in San Jose. The idea of supplying high-speed communications and power over one standard cable that works anywhere in the world is certainly compelling because there … Continue reading

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