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More on Mentor’s Catapult C from John Cooley and Other Designers

Earlier this month, I wrote about Mentor’s C-to-gates synthesis tool Catapult C and low-power design. The EDA industry’s self-appointed gadfly and uber-user John Cooley has just written an extensive blog posting about Catapult C complete with detailed comments from several … Continue reading

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Laser Spike Annealing of Nickel in Nanometer CMOS ICs Cuts Leakage 10x

One of the sad facts of life for nanometer silicon has been the rise of leakage current as device geometries shrink. At 65nm, CMOS leakage currents roughly equal operating currents, making it virtually impossible to reduce overall operating current by … Continue reading

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C-to-Gates Synthesis and Low-Power Design

One of the many “pushbutton” design-automation tools that chip designers have sought is a “C-to-Gates” tool that would allow the automated development of hardware from algorithmic descriptions written in the C programming language. The place to start almost any system … Continue reading

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