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Free White Paper on NAND Flash from Denali

NAND Flash manufacturing cost reductions of 60% per year sustained over nearly a decade have driven many technology changes, developments, compromises, and innovations. Prices have fallen even faster over the past five years, but the precipitous price decline could easily … Continue reading

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NOCs: The Undead of the SOC World

The 7th International SOC Conference in Newport Beach featured a session on NOCs (networks on chip). Perhaps it’s the undue influence of the recent Halloween festivities, but NOCs remind me of vampires, of the undead. They just keep coming back … Continue reading

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The Surprising Popularity Rise of On-Chip Memory

I attended the 7th International SOC Conference in Newport Beach last week and several of the speakers addressed issues relating to SOC and system power. One of these speakers was Bob Madge, Director of Technology Marketing at LSI Corp (formerly … Continue reading

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Green Chips in Newport Beach

Yesterday, I moderated a panel on green chip design in Newport Beach at the 7th International SOC Conference. Chances are you didn’t see or hear any of it because there were only 100 people at this conference in total. That’s … Continue reading

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A Low-Power, ARM-based Microcontroller from Oslo with a Winning Presentation

Last month at the ARM Techcon 3 conference, I watched as the CEO of a Norwegian fabless semiconductor company named Energy Micro leapt on stage, imitated Tom Cruse in his Mission Impossible role, opened his black-and-silver attache case, and announced … Continue reading

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