TI Low-Power RF Workshop Covers Four RF Networking Protocols

Texas Instruments is conducting two low-power RF-networking workshops in the immediate future and if you’re working on anything connected with low power, RF, and networking, you might want to consider signing up. There is a 2-day workshop and a 4-day workshop. The workshops are designed for engineers working with TI’s four wireless networking protocols: SimpliciTI, TI-MAC, Zigbee and Z-Accel.  No prior experience is needed with ZigBee technology but you should have basic proficiency with C programming and understand how to use an Integrated Development Environment. All of the information revolves around TI’s MSP430 low-power microcontroller, no matter the RF protocol. The MSP430 is an ultra-low-power, 16-bit RISC mixed-signal processor offered by TI and finds use in a wide range of low power and portable applications.

The first 2 days of the TI Low-Power RF Networking workshop are self-contained and cover the SimpliciTI portion of the workshop agenda. Those attending the $995 2-day class will take home TI’s eZ430-RF2500 development kit. The $1595 4-day workshop adds the 802.15.4 networking protocols (TI-MAC, Zigbee, Z-Accel) and includes TI’s eZ430-RF2480 development kit.

The next workshop will take place in Waltham, MA on October 6, so there’s not much time to sign up. After that, there will be another chance to take the workshop on November 17 in Schaumburg, IL.

More details are here. Contact info:

Beth Rea

Sunnyvale, CA

(408) 543-5315


Kim Rutherford

Boston/Waltham, MA

(781) 895-9185


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  1. ewertz says:

    I went to a (free) one-full-day TI seminar a few months ago at our local Avnet office that only focused on SimpliciTI. It *far* exceeded my expectations — highly recommended.

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