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Low-Cost Intel Atom Mini-Motherboard

InHand Electronics, creator of the Atom-based mini motherboard FireFly, announces latest revision retains all the full-function, low power value at a fraction of the price

Firefly board Rockville, MD (April 9, 2010) InHand Electronics, a low-power embedded solutions provider for OEMs of wireless and handheld devices, announces the latest revision of their Atom-based full-function single board computer (SBC), FireFly, at a significantly lower price.

With the latest tests showing comparable performance to mini-netbooks at a fraction of the power and toted as “the world’s smallest full-function Atom-based embedded SBC”, the redesign was performed with one goal in mind: Lower cost. A number of modifications prepared the updated SBC for increased production speeds, without sacrificing any of the board’s high performance, small size or low-power qualities.

The new revision offers a robust array of on-board features including: 1GB of on-board DDR2, 6 USB Host ports, USB Client port, 10/100 Ethernet, LVDS LCD connector, touch screen controller, PATA interface, stereo speaker output, headphone output, stereo line input, on-board temperature sensor, microSD slot, 5V power input and options for 802.11b/g WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, dual battery charger, and ExpressCard slot. As one of the only stand-alone Atom-based boards, FireFly offers a durable system for customers seeking a small-size, low-power solution for wireless and battery-operated devices. For customers seeking specialized solutions, FireFly’s latest revision still retains its expansion capabilities utilizing a daughter card connector with industry standard interfaces such as: PCI Express, USB, SDIO, PATA, I2C, and SDVO.

“This latest version of FireFly allows us to offer our great products and services at an extremely competitive price,” stated Knut Skare, CEO of InHand Electronics. “We have always offered top-of-the line products and services to OEMs of wireless and handheld devices with the fastest time-to-market. Unlike the plethora of Atom-based modules available today, FireFly can be used without the need for customers to spin hardware or write BIOS and drivers. We can give our customers the very best in ultra-mobile and wireless solutions at a fraction of the price without sacrificing quality, performance or power while meeting customer’ timelines and exceeding expectations!”

InHand will be at ESC Silicon Valley, April 26-29, at booth #938. For more information on FireFly, visit

InHand Electronics, Inc.
Rockville, MD
(240) 558-2014

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