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More Than Half of US Handset Shipments Will be Smartphones by 2012

Worldwide Smartphone Shipments Move Toward 1 Billion by 2015, Says In-Stat

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. January 24, 2011The demand for advanced mobile handsets that contain significant processing power, robust memory, large screens, and open operating systems has dominated the mobile phone market for the past several years. Smartphones will continue to dominate into the future. In-Stat ( forecasts that unit shipments of smartphones will be nearly 850 million by 2015, as they move toward the 1 billion shipment mark.

Handset“There are several critical factors that drive smartphone success,” says Allen Nogee, Principal Analyst.

“These include a powerful browser, a wide variety of apps, an easy to navigate user interface, and a good keyboard or touch screen. Additionally, other intangible attributes, such as being ‘fashionable’ and that ‘your friends have one’ are important.”

Recent In-Stat research found:

  • More than half of US handset shipments will be smartphones by 2012.
  • Android is maintaining its momentum and will continue to be the leading OS. The demise of Symbian has been greatly overstated. On a global basis, annual unit shipments of Symbian-based handsets will continue to grow, resulting in Symbian having the second highest unit shipments of all the smartphone OSs.
  • The smartphone OS war is heating up, as relatively new or renewed entrants such as MeeGo, Bada, WebOS, and others join a very crowded market.
  • By 2015, over two thirds of smartphones will still be WCDMA-based. LTE smartphones will comprise only a small minority of annual handset shipments, even in 2015.
  • The display and baseband/apps processor are the two high cost items in the bill of materials. Other significant items include memory, camera, software and licensing, and case and manufacturing.

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