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Low-Power Design Goes Wireless!

By John Donovan, Editor/Publisher, Low-Power Design

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We’ve been covering low-power wireless from the beginning—actually for many years before Low-Power Design started up. Starting in May—in anticipation of the IEEE MTT International Microwave Symposium in Anaheim from May 23-28—Low-Power Design is launching a new Low-Power Wireless web site. It will closely resemble Low-Power Design but be focused exclusively on RF/wireless design. The site will include:

  • RF Design Articles
  • RF News
  • RF Products
  • Special coverage of software-defined radio (SDR) and cognitive radio
  • SDR hands-on projects using the Ettus USRP Classic board and variety of RF front ends and open-source software tools
  • Hands-on evaluations of RF evaluation and development kits
  • Low-power wireless tutorials, videos, design notes and white papers

I’ve laid in some new RF test equipment and am anxious to start playing with my new toys!

We need contributed articles, both for the launch and on an ongoing basis. Articles should be 1500-2500 words in length and problem/solution oriented--NO marketing pitches, please! Like Low-Power Design, this is an online magazine for design engineers developing RF/wireless products. We need to to share your insights and tell how you managed to solve the problem at hand. Think EDN (I'm an ex-EDN editor and retain that bias).

While our strength will be RF engineering articles, Low-Power Wireless will rely on sponsors as well as advertising. If you're at all interested in helping sponsor us--for which you get a lot of perks, not to mention thanks--or advertise on the site or in our newsletter (10K circ.), please click on the button below.

Key dates are:

  • April 16Submit article abstracts for approval. To submit an abstract or for editorial inquiries click here.
  • April 30Book ads.
  • May 7Submit final article copy with graphics
  • May 7Submit final ad copy
  • May 21 Low-Power Wireless goes live

We hope you're as excited about this development as we are, and we'll do all we can to meet and exceed your expectations.

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