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VIA Technologies Adopts Mentor Graphics Calibre PERC for Critical ESD Checking

WILSONVILLE, Ore., February 7, 2011- Mentor Graphics Corporation today announced that VIA Technologies, Inc., a fabless supplier of power efficient x86 processor platforms, is adopting the CalibreR PERC electrical rule checking product to ensure that electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection meets established guidelines to help prevent circuit failures and design re-spins.

By helping ensure that designers have met all ESD protection rules, the Calibre PERC product contributes to the robustness of designs in portable and high-reliability applications. It also verifies the integrity of low-power designs that have multiple-power domains by making a variety of leakage and resistance checks. The Calibre PERC product removes the burden of manual electrical rule checking from designers, as it can be programmed to meet these general concerns as well as address unique customer requirements.

"Calibre PERC is the only tool that enables users to define electrical checks using both topology and geometric information. We use this tool to create a set of rules that preserve debugging experience from previous product ESD issues and prevent the same ESD failures from happening across many design sites," said Shelton Lu, Vice President of Manufacturing and Product Engineering in the CPU Platform R&D division of VIA. "This allows PERC to perform many critical checks for our design engineers. VIA has a very sophisticated methodology for how our ESD structures should be constructed, including rules for multiple power domains, back-to-back diodes and power/ground clamp devices. Additionally, we also have checks that we perform on leakage paths and discharge path resistance. PERC provides our designers a solution to validate the robustness of our designs by giving us access to the necessary circuit, geometry and parasitic information to automatically perform checks that help drive the reliability of VIA's product offering."

"Our customers need to automate very complex electrical design rule checks in a multi-voltage, mixed-signal environment," said Joseph Sawicki, Vice President and General Manager for the Design-to-Silicon division at Mentor Graphics. "Calibre PERC introduces a new class of design rule checkers that provide our customers with the versatility and programmability needed for today's advanced designs, while working in the familiar Calibre platform that is integrated into all major EDA design flows and supported by all the major foundries."

Availability The Calibre PERC product is available now with support for TSMC, Common Platform and SMIC.

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