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Embedded Insights Launches Embedded Processing Directory


July 12, 2010, Clearwater, FL -- Embedded Insights, Inc today launched its Embedded Processing Directory, a live online resource that allows embedded developers to evaluate and compare embedded processors from over 80 vendors based on processor size, processor type, instruction set, target applications, and vendor name.

The content-rich device tables capture dozens of specifications for each processor, such as supported clock rates, bus and memory architectures, low power modes and power consumption, hardware arithmetic accelerators, package and supported temperature options, as well as details about the on-chip peripherals. Target applications listings allow designers to narrow their search to devices that offer application-specific trade-offs and features, such as application specific accelerators, which make them particularly well suited to those applications. The directory can be viewed using more than two dozen different sort and filter settings. In addition, vendor-sponsored links provide easy access to additional resources, including tutorials, videos, reference designs, white papers, and community forums.

The Embedded Processing Directory is available in PDF format and may be downloaded free of charge from Email registration is required. The directory is updated biweekly.

About Embedded Insights

Embedded Insights ( regularly publishes design articles on its website at Articles are written by both staff and industry contributors. Featured embedded channels include robust design principles, extreme processing thresholds, touch user interface kits, and the question of the week. Embedded Insights also publishes the Embedded Processing Directory, a comprehensive database of devices from over 80 processor vendors.

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