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Trust and Verify

While system-level design has been proceeding apace for many years—approaching the goal haltingly and asymptotically—system-level verification remains the Achilles heel of that enterprise. SoC design in particular increasingly consists of assembling IP from a variety of vendors, reusing some of … Continue reading

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Ultra Low Power Electronics in the Next Decade

As a TI Fellow and director of TI’s Kilby Research Labs, Ajith Amerasekera’s job is to predict the future and plot a roadmap to it. His keynote at day two of the low-power electronics show (ISLPED) in Austin—“Ultra Low Power … Continue reading

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Toyota and Ford: “It’s the software, stupid!”

As Toyota’s ongoing troubles start to resemble a slow-moving train wreck, one thing is becoming apparent: these guys make some very sophisticated hardware, but they’re yet to master tying it all together with software. Debugging Your Car The Prius brake … Continue reading

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