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Are You Ready To Be An Internet Node?

I read an interesting article in this month’s IEEE Communications on the impact that 5G wireless communications will supposedly have on us. Call me old fashioned but I still remember when mobile phones were used for making phone calls. Well … Continue reading

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Weightless Weighs In

Now that PCs are old news and seemingly everyone on earth has a cell phone, the Next Big Thing promises to be machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, giving rise to the Internet of Things (IoT)—presumably a parallel universe to the Internet of … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Low Energy Gets Smart

Bluetooth has long been one of those technologies we take for granted—it’s in all our wireless headsets and increasingly in ­hands-free audio in our cars. But until the emergence of Bluetooth Low Energy it had trouble breaking out of the … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Goes Ultra-Low-Power

There’s hardly a cell phone on the planet that doesn’t have a Bluetooth transceiver for connecting to a wireless headset. Most new PCs now incorporate Bluetooth chips for the same purpose, letting you type while you talk or listen. Many, … Continue reading

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In Search of 500 MHz for Wireless Broadband

Everyone likes high-speed wireless access for their mobile devices. Unfortunately while the demand seems limitless, the supply is highly limited. Almost all available spectrum from microwaves on down is already allocated and increasingly crowded. Despite this inconvenient truth–or rather because … Continue reading

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Low-Power Design Goes Wireless!

We’ve been covering low-power wireless from the beginning—actually for many years before Low-Power Design started up. Starting in May—in anticipation of the IEEE MTT International Microwave Symposium in Anaheim from May 23-28—Low-Power Design is launching a new Low-Power Wireless web … Continue reading

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