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Does Your Rice Cooker Have Its Head in the Clouds?

Recently I read an amusing article in IEEE Spectrum titled “Android My Rice Cooker: Gateway to Future Home Invasion?Why would my rice cooker need to be part of the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT)? Because it’s lonely and wants to … Continue reading

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The Essential Embedded Processing Tool

Today Embedded Insights guru Robert Cravotta launched the Embedded Processing Directory. I’m in awe at how much work obviously went into creating this 191-page detailed compendium. I don’t know what Robert’s business plan is, but free is a great price for … Continue reading

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The RF Challenge in Portable Designs

In simpler times most designs were digital. Add a few converters to handle I/O and you could ship the product. Consumer electronics—and cell phones in particular—changed all that. Now there are few consumer designs that don’t involve a large analog/mixed-signal … Continue reading

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Intel Advances on Multiple Fronts Against ARM

If you’ve been developing embedded systems for a while, chances are you’re working with either an ARM or 8051 device, the latter being Intel’s bequest to embedded developers before abandoning them over 20 years ago for the more lucrative PC … Continue reading

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