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Electric Flight–The Ultimate Energy Efficiency Challenge

If you think electric cars are impressive, how about an electric 747? On a smaller scale, that flight of fancy is becoming a reality. Two years ago in Santa Rosa, CA, an electric-powered 4-seat light plane won the NASA/Google Green Flight … Continue reading

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Storing Volts

While electric vehicles have been around since the late 19th century, they only became practical with the development of energy storage systems that sport a lot better horsepower-to-weight ratio than bulky lead acid batteries. By the mid-90’s automakers had pretty much … Continue reading

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How Green Is Your Prius?

Electric vehicles (EVs) would seem to have everything going for them: Aside from being quiet and cool, they’re also environmentally friendly and cheap to operate. But are they really? In this month’s issue of IEEE Spectrum (Unclean at Any Speed) … Continue reading

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