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Weightless Weighs In

Now that PCs are old news and seemingly everyone on earth has a cell phone, the Next Big Thing promises to be machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, giving rise to the Internet of Things (IoT)—presumably a parallel universe to the Internet of … Continue reading

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Mmm—Raspberry Pi!

Having had great fun playing with Beagle ($125) and Panda ($175) boards, I was happily surprised when my backordered Raspberry Pi suddenly arrived a few days ago. At $35 for a tricked out, credit-card size single-board computer, it was too … Continue reading

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Dual Core AMP for Embedded MCU Applications

Symmetrical dual-core processors—using two identical cores—are hardly novel, in fact they’re a bit passé by now. And asymmetrical multicore processors (AMP)—usually combining a CPU and a DSP—have also been around for many years. What’s new is an AMP MCU that combines … Continue reading

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big.LITTLE is Big

Asymmetrical multiprocessing is a great idea that’s challenging to execute. It’s relatively straightforward to process high-speed, high definition video doing symmetrical multiprocessing (SMP) using an array of identical DSPs instantiated in an SoC or FPGA. However, doing asymmetrical multiprocessing (AMP) … Continue reading

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Designing With ARM—The Wrap-up

Last week I co-chaired an EE Times virtual conference Designing with ARM: Engineering an Optimal ARM-Based System along with Rich Nass. This was my first experience with the format, and I went into it skeptical but with an open mind. … Continue reading

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Looking Ahead to Designing with ARM

The next in the Virtual Conference series by EE Times–Designing with ARM: Engineer an Optimal ARM-Based System—is fast approaching (March 25). Anticipating a very good turnout, the show’s sponsors are preparing some important news and product announcements, some of which … Continue reading

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