Is Cell Phone Radiation a Health Hazard?

Everyone with a microwave oven knows that radio waves can heat up water molecules, which is handy when you’re making Mac and Cheese for the kids but a little more problematic when you spend hours every day with a cell phone pressed to your ear. Are cell phones a health hazard?

In May the $24 million Interphone study was finally released, after 10 years of study in 13 countries with 13,000 participants. The Interphone study included 2,708 cases of glioma and 2,409 of meningioma, another type of brain tumor, with a total of over 5,634 controls —from 13 countries. Eligible cases were patients diagnosed between 2000 and 2004. (Meningioma was not linked to cell phone use.) It is the largest study of cell phone and tumors ever done.

The point of the study was to determine once and for all whether cell phones represent a health hazard.

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