Mentor Passes Cadence in EDA Market

Gary Smith EDA have just released their 2009 Market Share study of the EDA market, compiled by analysts Nancy Wu & Mary Olsson. Synopsys continues to hold first place but for the first time Mentor Graphics managed to edge out Cadence for the #2 slot:

2009 EDA Market Share

2009 EDA Market Share

Smith told Low-Power Design that the numbers reflect strictly tool sales and exclude business in peripheral markets in order to give the most accurate picture of EDA market share.

According to the report,

The biggest change in 2009 was Mentor passing Cadence to become number two in product sales in EDA.  This is an indication of the market shift caused by the move into the ESL Methodology.  Synopsys remains a strong number one.  We believe that the recent changes at Cadence have stopped their market share decline, similar to the changes made at Mentor, bringing in Wally Rhines during the switch to the RTL design methodology.

While I can hear the champagne corks popping in Wilsonville as far away as Austin, I’m sure that just as in the old Avis ads Mentor’s new motto will be “We’re #2, so we try harder!” With Cadence regaining traction, this will be a real horse race–and one from which all of us can only benefit.

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