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embedded_processing_directory_300x100Today Embedded Insights guru Robert Cravotta launched the Embedded Processing Directory. I’m in awe at how much work obviously went into creating this 191-page detailed compendium. I don’t know what Robert’s business plan is, but free is a great price for such a valuable resource.

And quite a resource it is. The Directory lists detailed information about processors and cores from over 80 companies, with 23 columns of information about each processor, making it easy to compare based on almost any criterion you choose. You can download “all processors by company” as I did and browse the whole directory, or you can download 25 different reports that sort and filter the data in different ways, including target application, instruction set architecture and device architecture, size and type. If that isn’t granular enough, you can click on a device or part name to see supplemental information for that part. Still not satisfied? Click on the company’s name to search their site.

You’re no doubt familiar with several major embedded processors, but there are hundreds of others out there that may be better suited to your next design. The Embedded Processing Directory can save you endless hours of digging through data sheets, making an informed decision a lot faster and easier.

What’s not to like? Download it today from the Embedded Insights site.

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