Print vs. Online: How Do You Reach Engineers?

printingpress_150x115Engineers who have long read EDN and EE Times in print are increasingly doing so online instead, all the more so as print books continue to disappear. Is print dead, killed by the Internet, or is it just in temporary remission due to the recession?

Following an interview Rick Jamison did with me on his¬†Synopsys blog,¬†RTC Group CEO John Reardon–and my ex-boss–took issue with my assertion that digital communications are the wave of the future if only we can find a viable business model. John seems to feel that once the recession is over it’s back to business as usual–with which I strongly disagree–and that to date no one has figured out a sustainable web-based business model, whis is an inconvenient truth.

There are a number of issues here and no clear answer. Feel free to follow the thread and add your two cents’ worth at the Listening Post.

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