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Request for Proposal for Webinar Presentations

Submit your proposal today for the Wireless Innovation Forum's new Webinar Series! The next round of Webinars is planned to begin in January 2012. Webinars are nominally 1 hour, with questions, but related presentations may be grouped in a single webinar at the discretion of the Forum. Proposals can be made on any topic, but preference will be given to presentations on technologies addressing the Forum's "Top 10 Most Wanted Wireless Innovations" (

Innovation #1: Techniques for Efficient Software Porting Between Heterogeneous Platforms
Innovation #2: Generic Development Tools for Heterogeneous Processors
Innovation #3: Certification Process for Third Party Waveform Software
Innovation #4: Low Cost Wide Spectral Range RF Front-End (Multi-octave Contiguous) (Tx,Rx)
Innovation #5: Techniques to Minimize Power Amplifier Spectral Regrowth in Non-contiguous Spectral Environment
Innovation #6: High Performance Power Efficient GPP
Innovation #7 Increase Communications Time on Battery Charge by an Order of Magnitude
Innovation #8: Means of Coverage Extension – Maintaining Communications in Emergencies and After Disasters
Innovation #9 Interference Mitigation Techniques
Innovation #10: Flexible Regulatory Framework for Temporary, Cooperative and Opportunistic Access

The following topics of general interest to the Forum's members will also be considered:

  • SDR Technologies and Implementations (Processor Architectures, FPGAs RF and Antennas, Waveform Porting, Low Power design, etc.)
  • CR Technologies and Implementations (Spectrum Sensing, White Space Devices and Architectures, etc.)
  • SCA Next
  • Intro to the SCA and APIs
  • Markets and Applications for SDR and CR
  • Hot Research
  • Topics and Trends
  • IP and Government Contracts, including SBIRS Open Source and GNU Radio
  • Spectrum Policy for Techies
  • Modelling

Proposals can be made by anyone, but preference to present will be given to member organizations. Attendance will be free for member representatives, but the Forum may choose to charge non-members a small fee depending on the topic. Final decision on webinars will be made by the Forums roadmap committee.

The Webinar Series was launched in April 2011 to provide tutorial material on specific technologies or other areas of broad member interest. To date more than 450 people have attended these webinars either directly or by watching the recorded version available online. More information on past webinars can be found at:

Please submit your request here by December 9, 2011. Thank you for your input and participation!


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