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X-FAB Extends 0.18 Micrometer Technology Platform to Address Energy Efficiency Applications

New 60V capability in combination with eFlash enables new generation of power management applications for smart power control SoCs

Erfurt, Germany – Nov. 1, 2011 – X-FAB Silicon Foundries today announced the new technology platform XP018, its latest foundry process with the industry’s lowest mask count for the modular combination of digital, analog and high-voltage features with embedded Flash. This unique foundry offering for energy-efficient applications is the first to allow system-on-chip (SoC) integration requiring up to 60V operating voltage and 5V power supply to be combined with embedded non-volatile memory (NVM). It enables a new generation of reliable and efficient power management, digital control and other power control SoC applications.

The new XP018 process platform comes with operating voltages ranging from 5V to 60V, and an industry-competitive RDSon to enable small chip sizes and lower costs. Its unique combination of high voltage and embedded non-volatile memory requires fewer than 30 masks – the lowest mask count in the foundry industry for these features. The process is also well suited for automotive applications.

X-FAB’s CEO Rudi De Winter said, “The industry is very engaged in developing energy-efficient chips and systems. We developed the XP018 technology to address what our customers need – a cost-effective way to design smart systems-on-chip that combine the 60V capability with Flash-based embedded microcontrollers for the next generation of power management applications.”

The process topology comes with a wide range of NVM options including poly fuse, OTP, EEPROM and Flash, all of which will be available in 2012 for fully qualified PDK support.

The XP018 technology is available now for tape-ins, including pre-released IP for the memory options. Full qualification will follow in 2012.

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