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Nordic Semiconductor and AKM Semiconductor launch two-microphone wireless audio reference design kit for consumer gaming and home karaoke

Oslo, Norway – October 24, 2011 – Ultra low power (ULP) RF specialist Nordic Semiconductor ASA and digital audio converter specialist AKM Semiconductor Inc. today announce the nRFready Microphone reference design kit that provides a complete two-microphone audio streaming solution based on the recently announced Nordic nRF2460 2.4GHz mono audio streamer (see and AKM ADC/DAC audio converters. The solution delivers crystal clear, wireless 16-bit uncompressed audio with less than 22ms latency, excellent co-existence performance, over 100-hours of battery lifetime from two AA batteries, and a total BoM (Bill of Material) that supports competitive consumer product pricing.

The nRFready Microphone reference design kit includes two microphone boards, a receiver board with both USB and analog interfaces, plus a complete set of design files, source code, and supporting documentation. The microphone board integrates a Nordic nRF2460 2.4GHz audio streamer IC, AKM's AK5700 16-bit mono ADC with microphone pre-amp and ALC (Automatic Loudness Control), a 3.5mm jack for the microphone, and a Microchip PIC16F684 Flash microcontroller. The receiver board integrates two Nordic nRF2460 audio streamer ICs, two AKM AK4430 24-bit stereo DACs, an AKM AK5374 24-bit stereo ADC, and a Microchip PIC16F684 Flash microcontroller. To enable easy connection to PC-based or analog audio systems both analog (RCA) and USB audio interfaces are included on the receiver board.

"By fast-tracking development time and minimizing both risk and cost, the nRFready Microphone reference design kit means it has never been easier for OEMs and ODMs to evaluate and build a mass-market 2.4GHz wireless microphone solution ideal for such price-critical consumer applications as gaming and home karaoke,” comments Nordic's Product Manager, Thomas Embla Bonnerud.

"The nRFready Microphone solves all the major challenges involved in designing a consumer wireless microphone product while providing a class-leading audio solution that still leaves enough room for customers – via a complete set of supplied source code and design files – to customize and differentiate their end application," adds Richard Kulavik, Director of Applications and Marketing at AKM Semiconductor.

Kulavik concludes: "We have tested a wide range of wireless mono audio solutions from different vendors and nothing so far comes close to the quality and performance achieved by the Nordic nRF2460 audio streamer chip."

nRFready Microphone (Nordic product code: nRF6915) is available today for USD $99.

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