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Open-Silicon Launches ARM Center of Excellence

ARM IP and Open-Silicon SoC Design Solutions leveraged for networking, telecommunications, storage and computing markets

MILPITAS, Calif. - October 24, 2011: Open-Silicon, Inc. today announced the launch of its ARM Center of Excellence. The new engineering group will focus on providing complete SoC development solutions for low-power chip development to the networking, telecommunications, storage and computing markets. To enhance the offering, Open-Silicon partnered with ARM through a comprehensive multi-year licensing agreementfor the ARM product portfolio.

The Open-Silicon ARM Center of Excellence offers complete SoC development solutions from chip architecture through to the shipmentof fully packaged and tested silicon. A team of dedicated front-end design experts combined with leading technology including CoreMAX and low-power solutions like PowerMAX and VariMAX back biasing, allows customers to achieve market-differentiating performance and power levels in their ARM technology-based products. Open-Silicon can work with customers to rapidly develop their products from spec to production, taking advantage ofthe market need for energy efficient products. The complete services offering includes SoC architecture and analysis, AMBA-based RTL design, FPGA-based prototyping, transaction-level modeling, processor optimization hardening and custom embedded software development.

"The ARM Center of Excellence expands on Open-Silicon's traditional strengths in networking and computing ASIC design by bringing in considerable depth of expertise in the embedded CPU space. This allows customers to focus on vertical-specific custom ASIC functionality or software applications while relying onOpen-Silicon to quickly execute the rest of the SoC development at market-differentiating power and performance levels," stated Hans Bouwmeester, director of Open-Silicon's ARM Center of Excellence. "We see Cortex-A5 or A9 based home media gateways, for example, as one of the first networking areas to target with our combined capabilities and believe our ARM-based solutions will enable our customers to take full advantage of that market potential."

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