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Blackfin Embedded Processor Now Available For Under $2

400-MMAC / 200-MHz Blackfin DSP is priced at $1.99 and supported by $99 evaluation board.

NORWOOD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Continuing to offer designers low-cost and high-performance digital signal processing options, Analog Devices, Inc. today introduced a 200-MHz version of its ADSP-BF592 Blackfin embedded processor that delivers 400-MMAC performance for just $1.99 each (in 1,000-unit quantities). The lower-cost 200 MHz version achieves a BDTImark2000 performance score of 1120 and a BDTImark2000/$ performance/cost score of 562 compared with the 400 MHz version’s BDTImark2000 score of 2240 and BDTImark2000/$ score of 747—which was the highest performance/cost score ever recorded by DSP benchmarking firm BDTI (Berkeley Design Technology, Inc.). See for additional information.

This new price point for the BF592 makes ADI’s industry-leading DSP price/performance accessible to a broad range of cost-sensitive applications. Featuring active power draw as low as 51 mW and a tiny 9 mm x 9 mm 64-lead LFCSP package, the new 200-MHz Blackfin BF592 model makes integrating high-performance DSP (digital signal processing) even more practical for many power and cost-constrained applications in the industrial, medical, video, audio and general-purpose markets.

Target applications for the BF592 include portable healthcare products, audio devices and imaging products, such as CMOS-sensor-based 2-D barcode scanners.

“The ADSP-BF592 allows designers to cost effectively pack a tremendous amount of advanced performance into designs with very limited space and very small power budgets,” said Rich Murphy, business development manager, Processors-DSP Group, Analog Devices.

Blackfin ADSP-BF592 Key Features

  • Highest DSP performance for its price lets developers run more sophisticated algorithms with more system-level advantages.
  • Low active power draw of just 51 mW at 200 MHz and low standby power of less than 1 mW consumes 80 percent less power than comparable solutions to extend battery life.
  • The industry’s smallest 400-MMAC/200-MHz device with a 9 mm x 9 mm footprint allows designers to pack tremendous performance into space-constrained designs.
  • Optimized for multiple applications with no external memory or executable flash: peripheral set includes two SPORT’s, a PPI, two SPI’s, four general-purpose counters and a factory-programmed instruction ROM block containing the VDK RTOS and C-runtime libraries.
  • Offered in commercial and industrial temperature grades; automotive qualified.

Pricing and Availability

The Blackfin ADSP-BF592 is priced at $1.99 per unit based on 1,000-unit quantities for the 200-MHz speed grade (Model Number ADSP-BF592KCPZ-2). Processors are sampling to customers today.

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