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Cypress Introduces World’s First 128-Mbit, 64-Mbit and 32-Mbit Low-Power Asynchronous SRAMs with 32-bit Bus Widths

New Wider SRAMs Enable Higher System Performance When Interfacing with DSPs, FPGAs or Microcontrollers/Microprocessors of Identical Bus Width

SAN JOSE, California, August 1, 2011 – Cypress Semiconductor Corp. today introduced 128-Mbit, 64-Mbit and 32-Mbit MoBL (More Battery Life) Asynchronous SRAMs with 32-bit bus widths. The new devices add to Cypress’s industry-leading SRAM portfolio, which include high-performance synchronous, asynchronous and micropower devices. The new MoBL SRAMs cater to applications in telecommunications, computers, peripherals, and consumer, medical and military domains to enhance system performance in concert with 32-bit DSPs, FPGAs and processors.

Cypress is the industry leader in low-power SRAMs, with portfolios that range from 4-Kbit to 128-Mbit densities. The new 128-Mbit (CY62192ESL), 64-Mbit (CY62182ESL) and 32-Mbit (CY62172ESL) MoBL devices offer 32-bit I/O configuration with 55-ns access time (TAA) and a wide voltage range of 1.7V to 5.5V. These low-power asynchronous SRAMs are available in a RoHS-compliant 119-BGA package with a footprint of 14.0 x 22.0 x 2.4 mm and are fabricated using Cypress's high-performance, 90-nanometer R95 CMOS technology.

“In applications that require large amount of data transfer between an SRAM and a controller, including image, audio, video and gaming applications, throughput is a major performance factor,” said Sunil Thamaran, Senior Director of the Asynchronous Memory Business Unit at Cypress. “By introducing these new 32-bit wide SRAM devices, Cypress demonstrates its strong commitment to address advanced performance requirements in this market space. We have also started development of our next generation of high-performance asynchronous memory products in 65-nm technology that will further reduce power consumption and add advanced features including ECC”.

Availability and Photo
The CY62192ESL 128-Mbit, CY62182ESL 64-Mbit and CY62172ESL 32-Mbit Low-Power Asynchronous SRAMs are currently sampling in limited quantities to lead customers, and full qualification of the devices is in progress. A high-resolution photo of the 128-Mbit, 64-Mbit and 32-Mbit Low-Power Asynchronous SRAM is available at

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