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QuickLogic Announces Availability of Jupiter Application Reference Platform for ArcticLink II CX Family

Accelerates evaluation time and enables performance benchmarking

Showcases fast sideloading and content protection capabilities of solution

Sunnyvale, CA – June 29, 2011 – QuickLogic Corporation is proud to announce the availability of its Jupiter application reference platform, based on the ArcticLink II CX CSSP. The Jupiter platform accelerates the evaluation period for system designers and architects making it easier to perform real-world performance benchmarking for capabilities such as fast sideloading and content protection.

QuickLogic’s Jupiter application reference platform focuses on maximizing data storage performance through USB sideloading (transfer of files between a PC and a mobile device) from/to nonvolatile memory and memory cards, such as Embedded Multimedia Card (eMMC) and Secure Digital Extended Capacity (SDXC) cards, and protecting premium content, including personal and corporate data.  In addition to faster transfer times, sideloading offloads the application processor during data transfers to/from nonvolatile storage, enabling more processor MIPS to be allocated for running consumer applications.

As compute and storage capabilities on mobile devices continue to increase, so will the security threat.  Protecting premium content, including personal and corporate data being stored in these devices, is a big area of concern.  The Jupiter platform supports hardwired Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), completely offloading the data protection function from the CPU.

“The Jupiter application reference platform provides OEMs with a tool to evaluate ArcticLink II CX and benchmark the sideload performance using different memories,” said Brian Faith, VP worldwide sales and marketing for QuickLogic.  “This platform offers OEMs seamless integration of customer-specific hardware and firmware and the flexibility necessary to improve the consumer’s user experience, resulting in differentiation for their devices in the mobile consumer marketplace.”


QuickLogic’s Jupiter application reference platform for the ArcticLink II CX solution platform family is available, and can be demonstrated, immediately. The ArcticLink II CX solution platform will be available in production the latter half of 2011. Contact QuickLogic or watch the video at for more information on the CX Solution Platforms, and additional Proven System Blocks (PSBs) that can be incorporated into the programmable fabric for customer-specific use cases.

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