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Power Integrations Doubles Power Output Capability of LinkZero-AX Zero-Standby Switcher IC Family

PI University introductory course describes how to achieve zero watts of standby power consumption in consumer products and appliance applications

SAN JOSE, CALIF. May 17, 2011 Power Integrations today introduced two new members of its LinkZero-AX product family (LNK585 and LNK586), along with a PI University introductory video course that explains how designers can achieve 0.00 watts of standby energy consumption. Launched in October 2010, the LinkZero-AX integrated offline switching IC family now offers increased main power output up to 6.5 watts — double the maximum output of earlier members of the product family. The expanded power range enables designers to utilize LinkZero-AX in a wider array of applications, including those with multiple auxiliary power functions, as is often the case in appliances, TVs, and remotely controlled electronic lighting ballasts.

LinkZero-AX eliminates wasted energy by employing an innovative power-down mode that effectively turns off the auxiliary power supply when the application is idle, shutting down switch-mode operation and internal switch control circuits. LinkZero-AX can be re-awakened from power-down mode with a reset pulse or button press. Also, the bypass pin can provide up to 500 μA for use by any system-control or sensing circuit.

Key features of the LinkZero-AX family, including the special power-down mode, are described in the free-to-download PI University video course. The video also discusses how to handle transient load conditions and wake-up requirements, and how to deliver power to auxiliary outputs (such as IR receivers) during power-down mode.

Comments Silvestro Fimiani, product marketing manager at Power Integrations: “Last year, we launched the industry’s first IEC 62301 ‘Zero No-Load’ IC family for appliances with the cost-effective LinkZero-AX. Extending the power range of LinkZero-AX to 6.5 watts means that appliance applications which require multiple auxiliary power functions can now achieve zero no-load.”

Auxiliary power supplies continuously draw power as long as the product is plugged in, typically resulting in significant standby energy waste. LinkZero-AX ICs can reduce this usage to a minuscule 3 mW — low enough to be considered “zero” under IEC standards. (IEC 62301 Clause 4.5 classifies power usage of than 5 mW as zero.) Five years of continuous standby operation at 3 mW would consume less than 2 cents worth of energy.

Delivering the industry's lowest component count for standby power supplies, LinkZero-AX is a simple design upgrade and allows designers to easily exceed all global energy-efficiency regulations, including the European EcoDesign Directive and ENERGY STAR. LinkZero-AX ICs are available now in SO-8C or SMD-8C packages priced at $0.41 each for 10,000-piece quantities (LNK586DG). Full technical details, including the PI University course, product datasheet, and design ideas are available now on the Power Integrations website at

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