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Renesas Electronics America Introduces Three New Intelligent Power Devices for Automotive Lighting Applications

Realize More Reliable, Compact and Lightweight Lighting Control Units

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 10, 2011 - Renesas Electronics America Inc. today announced three new intelligent power devices (IPDs), the μPD166011, μPD166013 and μ PD166014, for use in automotive lighting systems for turn signals and brake light applications. The new IPDs integrate into a single package power metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (power MOSFETs) as switching elements and control circuits for protection and self-diagnostic functions.

The new IPDs include the μPD166011 device with a 12-pin power HSSOP package and two output channels with an on-state resistance (Note 1) of 25 milliohms (mΩ); the μPD166013 with a 12-pin power HSSOP package and two output channels with an on-state resistance of 60 mΩ, and the μPD166014 with a 24-pin power HSSOP package and four output channels with an on-state resistance of 60 mΩ.

Providing either two or four output channels in a single package, the new IPDs are offered in three different product versions, with different packages, on-state resistance, and output channel-count characteristics to meet a variety of customer requirements.

The IPDs can be used in combination with Renesas Electronics’ existing μ PD166009 or μPD166010 devices to drive exterior automotive lamps with varying characteristics, including turn signals, brake lights, headlights, cornering lamps and fog lamps.

Key Features
(1) Multiple output channels in a single package for more compact control units The new IPD products are fabricated with a new process that provides tolerance for high voltages and large currents and enables a single-chip configuration. Compared to existing Renesas Electronics products with a single output channel and a TO-252 package, the new μPD166011 and μPD166013 devices implement two output channels in a 12-pin power HSSOP package of about the same size. This means that a lamp-drive circuit block can be built using only half as many of the new IPD products, contributing to a smaller mounting area and a more compact control unit overall.

(2) Three product versions with different packages, on-state resistance, and output channel-count characteristics to meet a variety of customer requirements Two product versions use the new 12-pin power HSSOP package and provide two output channels with an on-resistance of 25 mΩ or 60 mΩ. If, for example, the lamp-drive load conditions change while the control unit is in the development phase, it is possible to switch to an IPD with a lower on-state resistance while maintaining the same package and pin compatibility. The change can be made without the need to modify the design of the printed wiring board.

In addition, one of the product versions with an on-resistance of 60 mΩ (needed to drive 10-watt (W) and 21W lamps) provides four output channels for an even greater reduction in the mounting area. These two-channel and four-channel high-side (Note 2) IPDs provide a flexible range of options for driving different numbers and types of lamps.

(3) Excellent reliability
In external automobile lamp applications, the wire harnesses connecting the control units and lamps are long and susceptible to short circuits. High power is applied to IPDs in short-circuit situations; therefore, these devices must be highly robust and capable of withstanding this state continuously and over a long period of time (Note 3).

The control circuit block of the new IPDs determines when an abnormal condition has occurred due to a short circuit. As a result, they have been certified Grade A, the highest grade under the AEC-Q100 short circuit reliability testing guidelines (AEC-Q100-012).

The new IPDs contribute to the development of environmentally friendly and safer automobiles by providing efficient lamp control and reduced vehicle weight for greater fuel efficiency. Renesas Electronics plans to develop additional IPDs that offer even more protection functions.

Pricing and Availability
Samples of Renesas Electronics' μPD166011, μPD166013 andμPD166014 devices are available now priced at US$1.75, US$1.30 and US$1.99 per unit respectively, in 1,000-unit quantities. Mass production is scheduled to begin in December 2011. (Pricing and availability are subject to change without notice.) More information about the IPDs can be found at

(Note 1) The resistance at which a MOSFET operates in the on-state. A lower on-resistance translates into less loss and the ability to handle large current flows.
(Note 2) A switching configuration in which the IPD is placed between the power supply and the load.
(Note 3) The ability to withstand abnormal conditions such as short circuits, either continuously over long periods of time or intermittently.

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