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IAR Systems Delivers Advancements in Power Debugging Technology

Embedded Systems Conference, San Jose, CA—May 3, 2011 — IAR Systems today announced new advancements in its innovative award-winning Power Debugging technology. Enhancements include the possibility to define power thresholds for filtering power data and to set power breakpoints, functionality that greatly simplify the process to accurately locate source code triggering unexpected levels of power consumption. Higher sampling rates of up to 10kHz also allows higher resolution in the correlation between power samples and source code.

Because the integrated power debug technology offered in IAR Embedded Workbench requires no extra tools, software engineers are able to test and reduce the system’s power consumption during the normal software development. Power breakpoints and data filtering make the technology even easier to use since it automates some of the tasks and helps developers find the corresponding source code to power hot spots easier.

“Software engineers need an easy way to take control of the system’s power consumption. Our Power Debugging technology takes power consumption analysis out of the lab and brings it to every programmer’s desk. This way power tuning becomes integrated in the workflow” said Mats Ullström, Product Director, IAR Systems. “Not only does this speed up the development process for our customers when there are fewer iterations between software development and testing, it also allows the end product to be better optimized in terms of power consumption.”

IAR Systems’ Power Debugging technology has been awarded with Best Electronic Design 2010 by Electronic Design magazine, and is a finalist for the 2010 EDN Innovation Awards.

IAR Embedded Workbench is an integrated development environment incorporating the optimizing IAR C/C++ compiler and the versatile IAR C-SPY Debugger. Power Debugging is supported for ARM Cortex and Renesas RX targets. The new power breakpoint and filtering features are currently available in IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM version 6.20. Evaluation versions can be downloaded from

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