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Industry's First 2 V Supply Option for IR Receivers for Remote Control

Receivers Operate up to Five Times Longer in Consumer Products

MALVERN, Pa. — Feb. 21, 2011 — To address the need for lower operating voltages in battery-operated consumer products, Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. today broadened its optoelectronics portfolio with the introduction of a new "V" low-voltage supply option for 10 of its TSOP IR series receivers. The V series devices operate with a stable sensitivity rating at a very low supply voltage down to 2 V over a temperature range of + 5 °C to + 85 °C.

In 2-cell alkaline battery applications, a typical discharge curve under a 160 mA load goes from 3 V down to 2.5 V after about three hours of operation. This would represent the end of life for a standard receiver operating down to 2.5 V. The typical non-linear battery discharge curve then provides a further 13 hours of operation before reaching 2 V. Thus a receiver capable of operating to 2 V can extend the useful battery life by a factor of more than four.

Typical end products for Vishay's V series include small handheld battery-powered systems such as digital still cameras, bi-directional remote controls, and 3D goggles. For additional power savings in battery-powered systems, the receivers feature a standby function.

The V option is available for 10 of Vishay's TSOP series IR receivers in six package types, including:

  • TSOP312…, TSOP313…, and TSOP314… in cast packages
  • TSOP38… and TSOP39… in MiniCast packages
  • TSOP32… and TSOP34… in molded packages
  • TSOP35… in standard SMD packages
  • TSOP75… in Heimdall packages
  • TSOP85… in bugeye packages

For ordering information please see the V-option datasheet on Vishay's website. Samples and production quantities of the V series IR receivers are available now, with lead times of four to six weeks for large orders. Pricing begins at $1.00 per piece. Follow Vishay IR receivers at

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